Why circumcision is not always a good solution

When they are confronted with a short frenulum, doctors often propose a circumcision. This means that your foreskin and frenulum will be removed surgically. However, by taking away the root of the problem, new complications can arise.

Here's a list of why circumcision should be considered only if there is no other solution:

  • The most sensitive parts of the penis are removed, over 15 square inches in total (over half the penile skin).
  • Removing the foreskin turns the surface of the glans from an inner mucosal membrane to outside skin. Newly circumcised adults usually go through some weeks of intense discomfort as the glans is constantly exposed to rubbing on clothing, until it develops a thicker keratin layer and becomes less sensitive.
  • Without foreskin, masturbation becomes more difficult as there is no skin left to slide over the glans.
  • Research has shown that sexual pleasure in circumcised males is highly reduced. Sexual intercourse will become rougher, since more friction is needed to reach orgasm.
  • Although some studies claim circumcision protects you from STD's, the overall complication rate is higher than all the benefits claimed.
  • Circumcisions sometimes go wrong and can result in disfigured penises.
  • Circumcisions is painful. The wounds take weeks to heal.

In my opinion, circumcision should be considered only as a last resort, and not as a quick fix for a problem you might be able to resolve by yourself.


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