Finding a solution for your problem

You know your frenulum is too short. But what can you do about it? A stretching exercise comes to the rescue!

Since the frenulum is just a small piece of flesh, it can be stretched. Mind you, this will take some time, probably over a year, even with daily exercises. Only in some specific cases where the frenulum is really short, this method will fail. But you should at least give it a try before considering alternative solutions.

How does the stretching exercise work? Each time you go to the toilet or take a bath, you'll have to perform a small task. It's not hard, very effective and it doesn't take long to do it.

  • Before you start to urinate, pull back your foreskin as far as you possibly can. As soon as the frenulum starts to become white or when you feel a sharp pain, stop at that position and keep the foreskin still. Urinate as normally, while the frenulum is stretched to the max. Roll back the foreskin over the glans when you are done and repeat this procedure a few times per day when you go to the toilet.

  • Take a hot bath at least twice a week and perform the same exercise, only this time with an erection. You'll notice the foreskin cannot be pulled back as far as when your penis is flaccid. This is normal. Keep the foreskin pulled down over the glans as far as you can, until the frenulum starts to become white or when you feel a sharp pain. Keep the foreskin in this position for at least ten seconds and repeat this three times in a row.


 Why circumcision is not always a good solution

When they are confronted with a short frenulum, doctors often propose a circumcision. This means that your foreskin and frenulum will be removed surgically. However, by taking away the root of the problem, new complications can arise.


 What is a short frenulum?

You've probably arrived on this website because you think your frenulum is too short. But what is your frenulum, how should it look like and what kind of problems can it cause?